Assisted Living



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''I will forever be grateful to you and Ruben for taking such excellent care of my dad.

From the first time we met, I was impressed with your knowledge and experience in taking care of the elderly and your willingness to give so much of yourself.

As I got to know you better, I admired your enthusiasm in "getting things done". Whether it was new medicine, medical supplies, doctor or nurse, you made sure Dad got whatever he needed to be more comfortable. I am well aware of the vast amount of hours it took of your time to get things completed, and I appreciate it very much.

It seemed like Dad's condition was constantly changing and you were always ready to meed the challenge and adjust.

I wish you all the luck with your business and I will be sure to recommend anyone needing a home for a loved one.''

- Sylvia Fox, December 2010

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''The Dorca family was wonderful to our father and he wished he had a longer time with them. He adored playing with the children and pets. Both Laura and Ruben took excellent care of him while he was there. They even took him on neighborhood walks and to visit their relatives across the street.

Sadly, our father passed away las November at the age of 90. In his last days, he held onto life as best as he could because he loved living with the Dorcas. Through his many medical trials, the Dorcas were attentive, demonstrated a high level of competence and knowledge, and were frequently in touch with his medical providers, pharmacies and family members.

Our only regret was that we didn't find the Dorcas sooner, so our dad would have had many more days in their care.

We would recommend the Marimar Home Care to anyone seeking a warm and caring family environment for a loved one...''

- Deborah Andrews Cobalis, Paula Andrews, February 2010

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''I am one of the leading physicians in the Northwest who does home visits into a large population of adult family homes in the State of Washington.

I had the pleasure to work with Laura Dorca as a visiting physician in her adult family home for the past several years.

I found her attentive to her residents, caring, and on top of their medical treatments... She was able to manage one case, in particular, that was especially difficult, coordinating with home health services to effect resolution of the problem.

I found her attentive to detail, following orders and requirements quite well, and reporting to me any changes in her resident's conditions.

I would definitely recommend Marimar Home Care, as running a very good adult family home and encourage prospective clients...''

- Timothy J. Smith MD, February 2009

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''I just want to thank you for the wonderful care that you gave to Kell while he was with you. You did a wonderful job and Kell was always clean and hair combed...

Please accept my gratitude and keep up the good work''

- Bonney Stover, February 2009

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''My father became ill with Dementia in the autumn of 2012. It became quite clear to my sister and me that he would have to be placed in a facility for elder care. My father lived in Dallas, my sister in Northern Virginia, and I was working franticly to move my family from Northern Virginia to Canyon Lake, Texas. Luckily we didn't need to start our search for a facility for Daddy until I got to Texas. A friend of mine recommended using a placement program called A Place For Mom. My sister contacted them and worked with a representative to research what type of facility would be best for Daddy. The representative recommended Miramar. He told my sister this facility, although facility is too technical of a term for Miramar, is home based 24hr around the clock care. The care givers have many years of experience, they are young and energetic with positive personalities.

This sounded too good to be true, but my husband and I grabbed our keys and drove to Converse to check this place out. The first thing we noticed was how immaculately clean the house was (cleaner than mine). It smelled fresh, you would never know that is was a place for elder care. The owners, Ruben and Laura Dorca were cheerful and professional. They gave us a tour of the home and showed us the room Daddy would live in which was nicely furnished. We viewed the kitchen and laundry room, and the large living room where there was a large television set for the patients to use. The bathrooms were large, 2 with roll-in showers, and raised toilet seats, and mirrors were lowered so patients could see themselves. Also they had a security system which if the front or back door was opened or closed a warning sounded. We then went to the dining room and discussed business. The Dorcas were professional about their business and yet down to earth. They had a caring and compassionate air about them which I liked very much. They answered all of our questions thoroughly and honestly.

We felt very much at home there. I really wanted to find a place for my dad that was homey and comforting, not institutional, but provided better care than that of a nursing home. Ruben and Laura assured us that they could provide all the care my dad would need,including meals, personal hygiene, medication management, toileting, and re-positioning. They would provide continuing care as the patient care needs changed and got harder.

To this day in my prayers at night I thank Ruben and Laura Dorca for taking care of Daddy when I could not. They attended to his every need with dignity and compassion. I never worried about my Dad while he was in their care. They also attended to our needs by talking with us, giving us advise, offering us refreshments, and giving us samples of their cooking. I have never, and will never regret placing Daddy with Miramar Home Care. I believe Ruben and Laura do "Gods Work." They run a labor intensive full time business and keep it spotlessly clean all the time.''

- Calrmel J. Andrews-October 14, 2013

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''You care so much for so many. Mom, and so many other have known your love+Jesus' care. Thanks again for everything you do. You are in our prayers!''

- Randy, Jeff, Becky

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''Ruben and Laura Dorca began taking care of my Mom, Jackie Moffett in October of 2010. Mom has Parkinson's Dementia. This particular form of Dementia has symptoms that include hallucinations, anxiety, and of course the familiar Parkinson's tremor and stiffness.

When we first moved Mom into Miramar, she was capable of walking and talking, however, she had begun to wander restlessly and her anxiety level was somewhat severe. As her anxiety and hallucinations became even more sever, I prayed simply for her to have peace in her mind.

Our journey has not been easy. I don't know how I would have handled all of these issues without Laura and Ruben. They have comforted and loved my Mom as if she were a member of their own family. They have been our rock. Making decisions, while never easy when it concerns Mom, have been with the help and sincere concerns of her caregivers, Ruben and Laura.

Mom is now basically bed ridden but Ruben continues to get her up every day, her her dressed and bring her into the living area. It's quite a task to get her dressed. Parkinson's has stiffened her small frail body and bending her limbs is difficult. It is in mom's best interest to be in a social area. Mom never liked being alone. I sincerely believe getting her up daily helps her tremendously, not only preventing pressure sores, but for her inner piece.

Miramar has always been immaculately clean and I cannot boast enough about this. with incontinent issues in several residents, this is an important issue. Over the past three years Mom's caregivers have not changed, her diet is consistent, and her medication have been given without flaw. Much more than a nursing home could offer.

I highly recommend Miramar to anyone looking for a place for their loved one.''

- Cindy Sramek-September 13, 2013